Strong door locks come to our minds when we think of improving front door security. However, smart door locks can top all the other alternatives. These specifically designed door locks can take all your stress away. You can find a reliable company to upgrade your door locks for enhanced domestic security in Reading. Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

Smart Door Locks: Types and Benefits

You can choose smart door locks as per your requirements and budget. Electronic and mechanical are the most common types of smart door locks.

Electronic digital locks types:

  • Biometric
  • Electronic keypad where you can enter a passcode for access
  • Smart Cards are widely utilised in hotels and commercial building

Types of Doors Suitable for Digital Locks

You can install digital door locks in various types of doors, whether timber or multipoint uPVC. Some examples of doors compatible with smart locks are uPVC doors, aluminium and glass doors, timber and wood doors, and external doors.

Benefits of Digital Door Locks

Smartphone Systems

The Smartphone friendly system option of smart locks allows you to open the front with your phone. You don’t actually need to use keys. Sometimes you may also lose keys or struggle to find them. This system can be your saviour in such a scenario. You can access Bluetooth door locks remotely if connected to your smartphone.

E-Keys System

Do you know about the e-key option? This system allows you to let others enter your house remotely even if you’re not there. Now you don’t have to worry about the keys while you are at work. You can enable this system via a wifi system. Make sure to give access to your trusted list of people and not to strangers or visitors like a gardener or cleaner.

Good for Elderly People

Elderly and disabled people have difficulties in movement. This makes it difficult for them to check out their house. With Smart locks, they can have more convenient access to the door. The majority of smart locks come with a large screen so you can see everything behind the door. Conventional locks are difficult to use for elderly people, but this isn’t a problem with smart door locks. You do not require any physical key because of the automatic front door lock system through smart door locks.

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