Safety is the most important thing that all homeowners want. Keeping yourself and your belongings safe and secure from threats is good. You need to use the best door locks to be safe on your premises. Nowadays, using the right door locks is very important to keep yourself, your family, and your belongings safe.

Hence, it is very important to have door locks to stay securely in the home. Each property has its type of settings; you need different variations of high-security locks. 

Without a lock, having a peaceful life is quite impossible. You must consult a professional who offers lock installation in Reading and nearby locations. As a homeowner, you need to know about the different types of locks present and how you can pick the best one. 

Different Types of Door Locks

Main Door Locks

When choosing a lock for your main door, pick the safest and most secure one. The TRI-bolt and six bolts are mainly used for the main security on the main doors. You can also choose 1-2 bolt locks with the latch. You can also go for the interlocking deadbolt door locks when using the two-side door locks. Generally, thieves need help breaking into these locks as they have many modules. 

Mortise Door Locks

This locking system is used in the main doors, which have a push-and-pull motion. With this lock installation, you can have high security and handle many grips. It is a dual-operated door lock widely used in homes. They offer more leverage than the cylindrical locks, too. 

Digital Locks or Smart Locks

These locks have gained much popularity due to their innovative features and adaptability. These locks are easy to operate from your smartphone or tablet. Many smart locks are also connected to the home automation system and have a Wi-Fi connection. They are operated with batteries. Hence, you can change them when required. 

Tiny Deal Door Locks

Due to the light weight of the door locks, they are used in the deal doors. It is resistant to corrosion and made up of steel. It has a system of combination locks. This door lock does not come with the key. It needs to have a padlock with four digits. 

These are four major types of door locks you can see. If you want to have durable lock installation in Reading, consulting the team from C&D Security is a good option. We specialise in proper door lock installation. Contact us to have details about our services.