Home security is an inevitable part of life. Installing CCTVs, security locks, and alarms ensures that everything inside the house remains protected always. Some people try DIY home security solutions. They install mechanical locks and eye holes to monitor intruders. However, these security systems don’t make the house burglar-proof.

Hence, using smart home automation security systems is the best way to ensure complete house security even when you’re miles away. However, many times, we end up making grave mistakes. These mistakes can be costly and make your house vulnerable to outside threats.

So, it’s better to consult with renowned domestic security companies in Reading. They will suggest full-proof security options to ensure complete peace of mind. Even after installing such costly security measures, if you still encounter burglar attacks, then surely there are some existing flaws in your system.

Here are a few mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

Three mistakes to avoid regarding your home security system

Turn off the notifications

You can access the same on your mobile when you’ve automatic security systems at your home. You’ll be getting notifications about the same. Do not ever turn off the notifications button. These are important alerts that you should keep a check on. Sometimes excess notifications might seem irritating; however, turning them off will make you unaware of any suspicious activity that might be taking place on the premises. So even if you’re bombarded with notifications, check every one of them and do not avoid any messages from the security system.

Not calling customer support

Are you unable to check the footage? Is your CCTV camera not sending you notifications? Then you need to call the support system. This is another mistake that people need to correct. They can solve these minor issues without any technical help. However, this is a mistake, and you should refrain from doing the same. Always contact customer care for even the minimum glitch that might have occurred.

Unable to adjust motion sensitivity

Motion sensitivity in the camera and door locks ensures you get alerts whenever a movement occurs in and around your house. Make sure you keep checking the settings of the motion sensitivity. If the same gets switched off, your alarm will be useless.

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