Are you looking to enhance the security of your workplace? The access control system is an excellent tool to control who can enter a building. They are widely used in commercial premises. The emergence of COVID-19 has changed the way we used to work. Many businesses have even started using two separate systems, one for access control and another for visitor management. Merging access control with visitor management. It is a great way to improve its operational efficiencies. This system can help you enhance your commercial security in Reading. Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

A Smarter Way to Secure a Building

Merging access control and visitor management systems isn’t only a smart way to secure a building but also saves a lot of time. Not synchronising both systems with each other can manipulate the data within the system. This system is ideal for advanced visitor management. The right access control can provide a best-in-class visitor experience without compromising security. You must know who is entering your building to ensure maximum security.

Benefits of Using These Two Systems in Tandem

Centralised Administration: You can streamline the process for everyone involved with the integration of access control and visitor management. It eliminates the necessity to maintain two platforms manually, as there is one central user database. It takes away the administrative burden. With all the necessary information in a place, visitors don’t have to fill in anything else.

Enhanced Visitor Experience: The visitor management system allows granting access to visitors as well as contractors. Admins can either send out digital keys or grant access through access cards. You can also ask your service provider for customisation for improved security. We also recommend setting the credentials to expire at a time that seems suitable to you.

Improved Operations: Visitors are generally first asked to sign in if the access control and visitor management aren’t integrated. Then the next step involves the receptionist for access credentials. This two-step process not only tackles your time but is also troublesome. With the integration of these two systems, organisations can grant temporary access using smartphones to some visitors. This can restrict the entrance of all outsiders to some sensitive areas. It also allows you to manage multiple sites and buildings easily.

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