Door locks play an important role in securing the premises of every home. Along with traditional door locks, alarm systems,  CCTV cameras, and digital locks have also existed. Door locks play a key role in keeping the premises safe and help the inhabitants of the house maintain their privacy. There is a wide range of door locks available in the market. For enhanced domestic security in Reading, you should visit a professional for door lock installations. Professionals have the expertise and the tools to install different door locks successfully.

 Read the blog to learn about the different types of door locks,  how they work, and when you should opt for them.

What are the common types of door locks to opt for?

Deadbolt lock

 Please lock strong protection against burglary. The unique locking mechanism used for deadbolt locks is better equipped to resist all types of physical attacks from outside. They are of three styles, namely single, double, and vertical. The lock moves whenever you turn the note without any spring in action. It is difficult for any outsider to break in using a knife or a hand tool If you use a deadbolt lock for your house.

Keypad lock

 As the name suggests, keypad locks can be opened with a numeric keypad rather than a key. They are majorly battery-operated technical locks where the inhabitants of the house need to remember a four-digit or 6-digit key to open the lock every time they enter the house. It is a versatile lock that can be used only by those who know the keys. Thus installing this lock ensures complete protection of the house and its inhabitants.

Knob lock

 They are the most commonly found basic door lock which is available in all types of stores. With hand tools, you must avoid using knob blocks in your external doors as they are susceptible to damage anytime. They do not provide high security and can be easily broken with a hammer or a wrench.

Mortise lock

These are powerful locks which are mainly used in the external doors. These locks have an internal system attached to the door to ensure complete protection of the premises. However, you can only install a mortise lock on some doors. They can be used as a replacement lock. Rather you can successfully use them for new doors.

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